Venetian polised plaster

Your home, office or waiting area will look spectacular with this specialised interior rendering technique.

venetian polished plaster

Venetian Plaster has been used for centuries to create stunning finishes. There are many differing names in use today - you may hear it referred to as polished plaster or marbled plaster because of the typical finishes that can be achieved. They can be smooth, shiny and marble like or textured to look like stone.

What makes a venetian plaster wall unique is it's ingredients. It's made of the finest Italian marble dust, superfine matured lime putty and finished with specially selected natural waxes and oils. It contains no cement, resins or acrylics. We are able to create this finish in up 54 fabulous colours, including brilliant white.

This finish is also recommend for wet areas in showers and bathrooms do to it's water repellent naturer. They also look fabulous in business reception areas.

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